Some day :

My brother finally showed up around 1230R, to bitch at me for nt being ready – my response being, “Your late, so you can wait”. Good sized headache helping him ove crap around, I tell ya… family are the only creatures alive who have the balls to ask for help and insult you all the way through it!

Ducked into a few levels of F.E.A.R. to pass the time until he finally shoved off and Ma found something to do, not involving driving me nuts.

I managed to sort out the meeting, it’s either tomorrow at 1800GMT or next weekend lol. I still don’t think we’ll be able to get everyone present by then, but w/e works for most of us. Tomorrow, I also need to take some time to catch up with my email lol.

I also eventually made it into Proving Grounds #3 to join Chester, Decapi, and Duke for some great games. Pardoning my mother trying to shipwreck the highlight of my day, but it was still good to get the games in, even if I was last to show and first to leave :-(. One thing that did bring a smile to my face though, on the angels of mercy mission; I called for a reload before we continued on, b/c I had 18 rounds left and we were moving into 2 small rooms, followed by a hallway and 2 very large rooms without much time to reload if things hit the fan. When I completed our reloading drill, (EL) Duke stepped out of formation and asked us if we had ever seen this before, leaving all of us flabbergasted to figure out what he meant lol -> every thread angel was covered perfectly by the element, from gun down to gun up.

That made my day 🙂