Just once, I wish someone else in this family knew how to keep a schedule… dang nab’it. Well, o be fair there is at least one besides myself; but Uncle Pat was a coast guard captain, if he’s late, ya start to worry lol. Otherwise I’m about the only one who knows how to manage time… in a manor that approximately works.

I woke up around 1028R, my brothers not here. I was woken up around 1156R to find out he called a few minutes ago, to say that he was just starting out; our mothers been up since 0800R. And the other day, he said he was going to be here early [in the morning]… Well, I’ll probably be out of battery charge on my laptop before he even gets to the city limits… the putz !!!

Was dreaming several things, but I remember dreaming that I was going through CQB training before I was woken up. The last thing I remember, was 2 man stack, kick it in, he moved left, I took right. Tango across my sector, 2 to the chest with a single action revolver; made it to my corner, then sliced the pie around. Two more tangos, put a quick shot in the right ones chest, then the left while advancing, then cycled back and put a head shot in each, right to left. Then dropped to one knee shouting “GUN DOWN” and started reloading the revolver as my teammate took up a cover position from his point of domination; 6 in the can, “GUN UP” and moved out…

Something like this:

| y |
| T T |
| /-------------- T|
| ______________/ |
| |
| ___x___x___|
|Y x| |
|-- -----------|----------|
X=Spidey01's way point
Y=teammates way point
T=tango position

Which reminds me, there are supposed to be some team games on PG#3 today hehe 🙂