Hooah a stroke of luck!

Just caught Top Gun starting a few minutes ago, usually I always find it on after the first halfhour r so; but my favorite part is in the beginning. They’re dancing with the MiGs, when Maverick and Goose end up inverted above the MiG, almost canopy to canopy -> Mav gives’em the bird while Goose takes a Polaroid of the look on the other pilots face xD –> Priceless !

Managed to get through work today in one piece, singing a song in my head to keep my mind else wheres; but not to bad a day overall, I guess. I don’t really have a problem with working a lot, it’s having to scrimp and scavenge my time whenever I’m /not/ working. My family drives me nuts at times…. and after work tomorrow, I’m expecting a headache with what’s planned.

I did get to have sme fun today though, joined PG#3 for a few games of SWAT 4. My custom skin is labeled 3.x.x beta, but I think unless I find any visual bugs of interest that it will probably be going gamma soon. I really like how the last take on the NWN BDU came out. The no armour vest didn’t come out as intended, but I kinda like it, really might pass as “no armour” if it wasn’t for the dang games design.

I can’t wait for the weekend…. I outa be off Sat/Sun/Mon, and I’ve got a projects meeting n Sunday. Hopefully it won’t take forever to pull off, but I might get some of the other days to actually get stuff done on, hopefully anyway…