Ahh, finally some time to R&R, or should I say as close to it as I actually get.

I’ve been getting drivin out of my mind, so… I flushed all thoughts and forked a new idea for my day. I’ve spent most of my day ripping stuff apart and throwing crap out. Heck, I’ve chucked a few things that are /older/ then I am. I’ve changed around a lot of things in my room, including dismantling the desk since it was in the way of moving the bed. Due to the change in positioning, I no longer have my usual electicral outlet. So I’m sitting at the foot of the bed, with the dog lol. I think I’ll like this new arrangement, one thing I like – rolling to face the wall is on the other side. Often, when I finally do go to sleep, I usually turn away from the rest of the room so my mind doesn’t try to focus on it. As it was, doing that would be rolling onto my heart-side, this way it isn’t.

It also allows me to walk into the room, without tripping over shit lol.

Well, it will once I finish lol. Got a ton of crap piled up, mostly books that need to need to go out. Namely about ~40 pounds of old school books I’ve been forbidden to dispose of for years. I’ve had about enough of this crap, it’s _my room_, shouldn’t it store _my stuff_ ? The rest is books that used to be in the desk, and have no where else to go for the night. eally, I could finish tonight, would only take 2-3 hours more; but that would require going in/out the front door. And Ma would kill me if I made that much racket while she’s trying to sleep lol.

If I’m going to be driven nuts all the time, prevented from getting work _done_, well I am bloody well going to do something constructive !!!!!!

While I’ve cleaned out most of my stuff, I’ve kept a fairly minimal amount of things (those that have value, and those that I want). Amazingly, despite the fact that some of my personal belongings go back to before I can remember life, I can still remember virtually each and every piece of crap I found lol. I have a very good context-sensitive memory; I might not know whether to turn left or right at a fork in the road when setting out on the journy, but by the time I get there, I’ll know which way to take. Maybe in some ways, i am trying to distance myself from the past, I dunno.

But I know, I do feel much better — working on stuff beats sitting one ones duff doing nothing, but passing time; that should be spent with a purpose.

Of all of the things I’ve gone through, I’ve managed to ge a few sets of things in order, that have had pieces missing for 10-15+ years. Found a reminder of the last time I was in a doctors office (heck, what was that? About 1991?), some old books I should read. Another thing I found was an old “paper weight”, that has been sitting in a dresser draw for many years. At least, for as much as my mothers told me it’s a model pistol that my father had put together for me. Examining it, I found something rather odd for a model – it has a working single action! I cocked the hammer, that as a boy, I had always thought was fused into place… only to see the cylinder rotate, making ready the next (empty) chamber. To top it off, the rammer along the bottom of the pistol even works. A quick look around the Wikipedia would suggest it’s a replica of the M1851 “Navy” Revolver, but on the side of the octagonal barrel it says “.44 Caliber” and notes to only load it with black powder (M1851s were .36 Cal). I can’t help but wonder, just how much is model and how much is replica… lol. Even in the civil war though, I couldn’t imagine loading one of those things [properly] in a combat situation, then again it was an era where 3 aimed shots a minute was the ideal with an infantry mans musket :. Hmm, for some reason one of John Waynes comments in True Git comes to mind, hehe.

Tomorrow I need to finish moving stuff, dust, vacuum, and sort the remainders. Work for Monday is gonna be quite light, so hopefully I’ll have some peace, I’d kinda like to get some homework done some time this century !!!