days objectives

  1. finish room
  2. get to / finish work (zzZZZzzZZzz, cake walk)
  3. get dragged out shopping after work (grrr!)
  4. dinner
  5. finish room (if not compelte) / hit the net
  6. work on DBus

with luck, I can get my room mostly done before It’s time to leave.


What’s left to do:

0/ go through the old strategy guides — anything to a game I don’ have anymore goes out, anything I can’t find room for goes out; I don’t use strategy guides and there is the internet if I get stuck.

1/ continue sorting books by priority.

2/ move to auxiliary storage point, based on priority.

3/ figure out where my laptop will be stored when not in use

4/ figure out what to do with the pictures from the hallway, which are stuck sitting in the place for my school books (and laptop)!!!

5/ Anyway to get ma’s dolls out of here? She’s burning up _my_ book space!

6/ sort through the last dresser draw

7/ throw out the trash

8/ dust it all to the max

9/ vacuum

10/ organize the last shelf, side Alpha, right of the A/C

11/ figure out where to put the spare PC (unused), mmm wish I had time to get a spare NIC dirt cheap – could get her online xD

12/ reassess the situation, where do we go from HERE?

ok, list noted, now to get dressed for work, before I get driven more nuts – just for wanting to quickly write my notes at the speed of thought.