Determined exhaustion

Very tired atm… but not wiling to give up yet!

For the past week, I’ve been going to bed > 0500R, past 3~4 days worth I’ve barely had any sleep at night… When trying to sleep, it’s more like time has passed with limited consciousness then ever actually sleeping, last night was the first dreaming I’ve dne in a awhile now. I’m hoping, with the weekend… I can stop going to bed so late, or at least sleep in for a change lol. I prefer 8 hours, but often live on <=5 :.
Been playing a bit of SWAT 4 lately, good to finally have some R&R. Spent a part of yesterday teaching a green player the ropes of the server, hopefully enough that they will survive working in an element, and be able to learn more with practice if desired. COT finally made Recruit, hopefully with a bright future. With Dukes help, I’m also getting ready to reintroduce keybinds into my mixture. I should still have my ‘English — Deutsch’ style keybinds backed up somewhere, but have been gaming without any textual keybinds since I reformatted sal1600. My controls are quite customized, and I am using the classic command interface for months, so the main problem is where to put things now lol.

sigh, already nearing midnight.