Days log, 2008-12-05

The highlights of the day >_>

Driving my mother nuts:

Demanding proof by math, that if I do something consistently the same way every week, and you consistently complain about how it comes out; prove that doing it in the first place, is not a waste of my time.

Mother: Check the tub in the guests bedroom
Me: I never saw a bedroom with a tub in the middle of it.
Mother: You know what I mean.
Me: Yeah, but I also understand English.

-> that really pissed her off lol.

Probable revenge? I’ll probably get to spend my Saturday lugging boxes of Christmas decorations around.

Other topics:

I eventually managed to get some lunch today… I dunno why, but I haven’t been eating frequently lately; where frequently is my usual 2 meals a day, and occasional snack. So hungry, I counted the (18) hours, since my last meal lol. Managed to escape for a bit… food, film, and fun.

That left me, sufficiently exhausted, but much more relaxed… Hit the web, then SWAT; joined Medic & Ambu for some rounds, then back to surfing. Lately, I’ve been in-haling more and more of LaTeX documentation. I have a project coming up in the near future, that’ll be requiring it, so (y).

I’ve been trying to re-valuate various modules of my usual operating environment, but it seems that like Vi, TeX is just to hard to displace :. It’s just proven to be the best fit, although it lacks troff’s terseness :-(. The evaluations of course: nroff/troff+macro packages, Texinfo, LaTeX, DocBook, and of course HTML/CSS

Needless to say, I do not use word processors for writing documents, and avoid using them like the plague.

Just spent a fair amount of time, downloading TexLive 2008 on Vectra; kicking myself in the process, for not putting my .screenrc under CVS! My systems have TexLive 2007 installed, but despite ~3 months passing, I never got around to fetching 2008 lol. I’ll need to get it setup on my machines sometime this weekend; and probably fetch a few packages off CTAN.

I do periodically review the software and technology I use, and for what purposes I use it. It really helps in maintaining my systems (and installing them ^_^), and just getting things done. I enjoy both efficiency and comfort, which is probably why my laptops also my most used work-station…. and contains all of the software systems I use for various tasks.

I wish that dang keyboard would arrive soon.