Yippie Kai-Yay!!!

My laptops replacement (OEM) keyboard finally arrived; United States Postal Services, First Class.

Opened it up, and scratched my head, “Isn’t this supposed to have 1 keyboard holes?”, I unwrapped what’s left of my old one and confirmed it. A quick fitting with Dixie, showed the extra holes would rest freely, gotta love PC vendors. In order to get it to work, I needed to fold the ribbon to match the old one, and argue about getting the tabs under her bezel; but it finally works.

I feel like I just welcomed a love one home, from a really long trip…. and I can get work done again!!!!

I think, after I get my work done on Training Grounds #1/#2, I’ll probably be found with Dixie in my lap, and a smile on my face xD