Nice time for a power bleep

Power went out at 0705Z, almost 0800 now; no sign of repair.

Only got about 45min left of battery power, so the rest of my perl script will
have to wait until tomorrow – man, I’m so glad I keep my laptop full of
programmer docs xD. Coco is scared, because she can’t see where she’s going
lol; Willow doesn’t care, there’s still food left in the dish 8=)

Now if I could just get Ma to not leave a flibin’ candle lit on her table…
Anything knocks that over, or the dog tries to put her noise on it, when Ma
get’s up… FFS, am I the only one in this family that actually _T_H_I_N_K_S_
before I do something?

Spidey01, 2008-12-10 T07:58:01 UTC

Hahaha, I power down, put the laptop away, take a leak, and lay down to get
some shuteye. Start to pray, and 2 minutes later, everything comes on lol.

Just in time to have to reset all the clocks, instead of sleep!

2008-12-10 T08:12:13 UTC