Water, water everywhere, but a drop to drink!

I was dreaming that I stuck my head out the door, and the sky was turning black as ink; bolted the door, and five minutes later: stuck my head out, and it was the proverbial sunny day out, only the screen door blew away and was lodged somewhere lol

Not to long after, I get woken up with the word “Tornado” in the air! So here I am, barrowing down the hallway in the dark, one eye open, looking for the dog, with warning sounds going off (radio/tv) and bells ringing in my spider sense -> wait, thunderstorm warning, tornado warning, flood watch, and it’s after 0800 local; ok, I’m going back to bed lol

By the time work-prep was to start, it was raining so hard, looked out the door, and couldn’t even see much of the other side of the complex :. Normally, it’s a clear view aside from a few obstructions. And Coco goes ballistic whenever it thunders, no convincing her to stay on the covers in a blanket. Main reason I’m on the laptop atm, want to get the battery chargedf back up, just in case. Guess I can finish that Perl script now…