Well, still absolutely nothing done…

Ended up with a heated discussion with a friend on IRC, about WINE. I’ve also come to the conclusion, that not learning Swing years ago was a good choice lol. If I ever made a regular practice of programming in Java, I’d probably make use of SWT, but for the task in question it had to be either AWT or Swing; I have a book with lots of AWT stuff somewhere, but after 12 years, I’m sure the API’s changed a bit haha. Spent the rest of my night in what would be best described as a “kinky” chat else wheres lol, but still… didn’t manage to get anything done!

The problem is, I can’t get nothing done during the day –> family
I can’t get nothing done until everyone is asleep –> family
And assuming I haven’t been run ragged,
passed out from lack of sleep, or
just to fscking tired to work –> family.

If my family would stop torturing me, maybe I could get crap done?

I really need to get out of here…..