Writer’s Block: Coast Range

If you had to choose, would you rather live in the mountains or by the ocean?

Live Journals Writer’s Block


I still remember when I was in Tennessee, and the trip back home was by way of the Smokies, wound up in North Carolina lol. But it’s the mountains out in Tennessee I remember most, so beautiful; it’s hard to describe it. If I close my eyes, I can almost see them in my minds eye. The greens, browns, and golds of the trees, and the emebb and flow of terrain.

Unfortunately I was there as part of a wedding party, meaning I was stuck in a monkey suit lol; but it was a great trip. I got to hang out with a few cousins I’ve never met before, and a great aunt. Family is a very important thing for me, even if mine drives me crackers… nothings perfect I guess. I really would like to see Tennessee again some day, as long as I don’t need a tux lol. I remember swearing, that if I ever found myself in one again, it best be my wedding lol -> who else could I love enough to wear a tuxedo for? Especially after I nearly got choked to death by that stupid thing lol.

My memory is far from photographic, but is quite good for things that ‘stick’, mmm. Me and water generally don’t mix very well, despite being a Floridan I never got to spend much time at the beach :-(, that’s practically sacrilegious :. But IMHO, the mountains can be more beautiful then the ocean, and I don’t miss 90F (~32C) temperatures being the norm!

Although, I do really miss the palm trees…