Finally a few minutes to myself, if I actually get them…

Made it through work in one piece, despite nearly breaking my neck once and nearly landing on my duff the other round lol. With luck, I’ll at least get 20 minutes to myself, before the next round begins. I’m so tired of this never ending crap. With the way my lige is, I probably won’t even get that lol -> at least when everone else is asleep, I can sometimes have a few hours without issue :.

A lot of people, don’t understand why I use the word “slave” to describe parts of my life, least of all my family (they don’t get it lol); but it’s very much liek being aslave, being here. I’m chained to a job, that I’ll never be able to leave without major problem; I’ve little freedom of travel, can’t afford to maintain a license, and if I let HRH pay for it, I’ll end up my mothers chauffeur, and still not able to go anywhere, because I don’t get paid, hence no fuel lol. As I keep thinking, it’s like the more and more I see, it’s as if the chance for anything I want in life, desinagrated the moment I said “yes” to helping my family :


At lest with some luck, I’ll have the night time to get some work done….