Oy, what a day

Was late for work, dog from the yard and I ended up helping Teena search; she finally found him. The slice on my other thumbs healing, only smashed it once at work… I’m really getting tired of this crap lol. Survived work, also to my mothers surprise, 2 weeks pay in bonus (N.B. I don’t get paid, period); that hopefully will replace some of the savings she’s blown through, if it ever gets there lol. Made a quick sweep of the various forums, congratulating the new Recruits on [SAS] hehe.

Turned in early after dinner, sat down with the laptop around 2200, then powered down to watch Executive Decision, haven’t seen in in a longo-time. I think it was also the only dang thing on TV tonight +S. No idea what work I’ll get done tonight if any, have to be up early for work tomorrow, and I am _really_ not looking forward to what my family has planned…. ahh, but with any luck, I’ll still be sane by the time I get to my days off.

I don’t even want to think about new years, lol.