At long last… Friday cometh, thank ye GOD.

Finally, I’m off work until Tuesday – and will probably be mad as a hatter before night fall :. This morning, I was some what disappointed, it was only around 15 F (around -9.5 C) by the time I woke up; people were told to expect much, much colder xD. Never the less, I still equipped for with an extra layer just in case. Usually, I’m out with nothing on but a T-Shirt or a moderate-level of jacket until I can see my breath, then I consider a 3rd layer (I consider my T-Shirt *as* one layer, lol). Took an old light-duty jacket out of the closet, that was getting a little to short in the draft for regular use; but it had a great lining for such a thin jacket lol. Also conveniently one that tends to keep the air tucked in close to the body, in this case warm air from the house. Put my usual light/medium jacket over that for a hood, it has a mesh like lining on the inside, for whatever it’s value; usually I wear it as a rain coat, not for cold weather purposes haha. Then donned the fleece for a final layer; the heaviest form of dress that I will actually wear, lol. I figured with the wind, I should wrap my face in the scarf, then put up the hood and secure it all with my boonie style hat (usually, I only bring it out on rainy days lol), but couldn’t find the dang scarf; which is what I really wanted :-(. All in all, I could’ve done with just my regular jacket and that scarf though, when I set foot outside I couldn’t feel a damn thing – except for my bare face and knee caps.

Before I left work, I put on one jacket for the trip home; and put the rest in the pack, since I always shred my layers upon arrival lol. By the time I got to the car, I was already hot and took it off. It was only 27 F (around -2.45 C), so it wasn’t cold out in the least! I grew up in South Florida, where anything under 90 F (around +32 C) is considered a cool day by local standards… After moving to Georgia, if it is above freezing, I don’t even notice the temperature without a wind chill >_>.

I prefer colder weather, and usually enjoy being out in the rain; maybe I am just a strange person. Although I miss Florida a lot, I really, really, really!!!! do not miss the heat that much. I’m just naturally warm to start with :

I was some what hoping to get to the Library today, but unfortunately not in the cards. I’m rather interested to see what they might have, if anything interesting; on various mathematics topics. Generally, I laugh my ass off whenever I pass their computer section (Foo for dummies and learn XYZ app/OS is about as good as they get), but I do remember they *used* to have some good books on Aeronautics once upon a time, so maybe I’ll get lucky. I still remember my surprise when they upgraded all their computers, I was surprised their budget ever heard of something faster then an Intel 80486 or Pentium Pro o.00.o. They only completed the switch from card catalogue to a computerized system in the mid 2000s, so I guess that is a good sign… Haha, I never thought I’d say it, but I actually miss the old card catalogue. The computer based catalogue, utterly sucks for trying to find anything; it makes Microsoft’s search engine look sexy. One nice thing about the card catalogue, it went quite nice with how the library organizes the books on the shelves; so usually I have to settle for using the computer to find what shelf I should check, then visually grep (vigrep anyone? hehe) the asiles for subject matter. I tried checking their website, but it’s been down for weeks; can’t find anything from Googles cache, so it doesn’t look like the computerized card catalogue is available online. The place that is hosting the new central library that opened recently however, seems to have a database of all libraries in the county, so maybe I can scope things out.

An interesting thought also occurred to me, but nah… fate is so rarely on my side lol.

On another note, I really should look up the organization system used by libraries here, and see if I can leverage that further to my advantage (hey, it’s been years since I used the old-style card catalogue ^_^). A quick Google turns up a few ideas for what I should search for next; combined with my memory, should be fairly easy for me to look up the system in use; if it is one of those anyway… EDIT: looking at the online offerings for the county, I am oddly reminded of an issue of xkcd, and their website is *so* old-style IE it hurts almost as bad as their catalogue hehe.