I really, really, really need some R&R

Hmm, it has most certainly been a long day. My mind has been focused on issues, both of a very pleasent and unpleasent nature most of the night, not even coding has provided much distraction from the rest of my life. Hmm, at this point, I think I am sick of my own thoughts. It’s only 0830Z (0330R (local)), but I may as well hit the hay. There is nothing that I can get done, that I actually feel like doing, or am capable of doing at this point. I wonder, what was the last time I actually had some peace in my life? Has it really been that long? Probably has, my friends would know it better then I would.. (f*** it) it really has been a long time. I’m not sure if I honestly remember what the word means anymore, I so rarely get any with the way things are these days lol. It’s 16 degrees out, but I think I would rather march in the cool air, then sit idle tonight. I never seem to sleep that well anymore, for at least a ~decade I guess. but I know, sleep soon, or there will be sunlight through the blinds before I doze off. Already been there once, not really in any mood to repeat that incident.

Oh, how I wish I could get out of here…. even if for just a little while.