An utterly boring day…

Almost no sleep, and more then a bit of annoyance to start off the day… Gotta love family, eh? SO nice to only be considered, when it is /as good as/ a ploy for getting cooperation with their own endeavours (shove off!). Managed to have a good lunch, better then most meals of late; I haven’t been eating that much. Really, about all I’ve been eating much of is a Special K cereal with berries; I gave up most junk foods last year, lol.

Managed to get several rounds on SWAT 4 today, good to see that I am still limber ;). From recent ops, I think it is about time I release my personal skin; the no armour version is technically a bug, but I actually like how it came out hehe. Also found out about a few tanks I never heard of before: the Panzer VIII “Maus”, Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte, and Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster. Looking over the docs, ffs – like a navy destroyer with tank threads kind of big! I wonder if even modern day technology, could get a beast the size of the Ratte moving across a battle field for more then 10 minutes and a few metre lol. I’ve also heard that a newer MS Gundam series is running on Sci-Fi, note to self – check further.

Really, it’s been a very boring and uneventful day. I’ve also gotten absolutly nothing done…….. *sigh*