Do you need theropy?

(00:54:33) xspidey01x: Hmm, should I dare even play a round at any of their tests for the sake of curiosity? lol

What do your responses tell us?

Although your scores were generally quite good, you scored well outside the normal range in at least one category. This suggests that you should probably consult with a mental health professional for further testing or treatment. There is most certainly a professional out there who can help improve the symptoms you are experiencing.

The following are the areas of concern detected by the screening:

* Your responses indicated that your relationships are at least in some way dysfunctional, and may be causing problems in your life.

The test also detected symptoms of one or more disorders that did not meet all the criteria, but that may still merit treatment.

The following are the areas of concern detected by the screening:

* You have experienced symptoms of a major depressive episode, but not enough to qualify as a full-blown episode, or as major depressive disorder.
* Although you meet the criteria for the frequency of symptoms, your symptoms do not appear to be severe enough to meet the criteria for Major Depressive Disorder.
* You have experienced symptoms of a manic episode.
* You experience some symptoms of Simple Phobia.
* You appear to have some obsessive thoughts.
* You display some symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but you do not appear to meet the full criteria for the disorder.
* You appear to suffer from some symptoms of Borderline Personality disorder.

Nothing I didn’t already know <_<