A decent day….

Not a bad day, spent most of my time in Training Grounds #1. I turned off the aiming reticle again, so my accuracy is getting back up to snuff in RvS. Used to have it off all the time, but after getting back into SWAT 4, I turned it back on in RvS, for the consistency – since SWAT 4 won’t let me turn off the aiming reticle there in Multiplayer mode :-(. Really, I like playing without the reticle on screen; much more realistic. It also frees me up to just aim and fire insticively, rather then using the red micro-dot in the centre, as my point of refence. Instead, I see target, I hit target ;-). That’s basically the way I was trained, keep moving, go full auto, fire off short controlled bursts of 2~3 rounds and keep’em firing until the S.O.B. goes down for good. With the way things are going these days, I think the next generation of Recruits is gonna have it much easier then us lot did :. But oh well, I’m just an old fart at heart lol.

Got to enjoy some range work also, taking shorts at near my maximum effective range on DF_Compound, limbering up the ol’CQB and virtual CS-imunity on Box_Storage, limping through the Playground on razor-eyes detail <_<, and commanding a stealth element on Private Airport and MP Training; finishing out witha little more 'mixed' ops hehe.
No idea who set up the line up for this afternoon, but I really enjoyed listening to the Radio today lol. This one song in particular is really starting to grow on me, and a friend introduced me to an interesting band today… hehe.

Sigh, it’s back to work on Tuesday 🙁