Strange set of dreams tonight. In one realm, it involved work, gee what fun… day off in the morning, and dreaming about working my as off & being threated like dirt :. Like the last thing I want to think about, is going back to that, eh? In another phase there was a rather sudden, but interesting entanglement with an attractive woman to say the least, in retrospect I wonder who was trying to seduce who lol. But for better or worse, not enough privacy for much to come of it >_<. Hmm, almost thought I had forgoten how to kiss a girl like that... guess there are a few things, that ya never forget. And in the third cycle of dreams, having to out-think a few drunks to extricate myself from a sticky situation, an incident involving a big ass truck and its occupents had an intent for some viloence (Hmm, maybe she was married? lol). Had no luck in avoiding a fight, but not being one for like a six vs one fight (and maybe 2:0 or 3:0 guns), I managed to exploit their drunkeiness in order to take them suitably 'prisioner' until backup could arrive; join joined the arresting officers in a good hard laugh at how I tricked them into surrendering ^_^.
I have some crazy dreams, eh? In real life, I almost never end up in trouble… but in dreamland, it finds me lol.