Stress Buster

Well, with nothing to do, no inclination left to me for sleep… and quite far from in the mood to get any more work done (Dang it!) for the night, I figured I’d play a little bit of DooM. After sorting a little issue of loading the right IWAD, I noticed something interesting in ports: the Hell Revealed MegaWad for Doom II 🙂

So I installed the doom-freedoom Free Software IWAD for DooM II, and the doom-hr ports on my laptop. I haven’t tried UV, but from the soun do it, I wonder if after all these years, if I’d even get past the first room on UV, lol. I’ve played the shareware version of DooM from Id some time ago, and wished that I had a copy of the full version handy afterwards (very fun game). The thing that surprised me about revisiting classic DooM, was not only were the levels much like I remembered them, there was still a good “Oh !@#$, it’s a trap!” factor keeping you on ya toes for hosing down some baddies — applying [SAS] movement and room clearing techniques actually helped clear it, haha! Playing through HR, might be agood time paser for awhile :. It’s a very well known megawad, but it’s still my first encounter ;-).

DooM is like _t_h_e_ classic FPS shooter. I was never into it very much as a child, and usually just watched my brother play the various console ports. But in later years, I’ve come to regard it as a great way to relieve stress — switch brain off, and let the shells fly.