Doom2-hr is a heck of a run, just pasted the map shaped like a spider; I can just imagine that thing on UV mode !!! I really wish I could dig up a copy of DooM II, the graphics in FreeDooM are quite a bit different then the ones I remember as a kid, but it gets the job done.

Some of the critters might look a bit off (especially the demon & imp), but hey… this is DooM, don’t gotta care what the heck it is, just shove a few rockets up it’s wazoo lol. The occasional revenant, and incresingly common Mancubuses are easily enough to deal with via my faovorite weapon: the super shotgun. But when an Arch Vile popped up….. Ok, a BFG9000 would have been prety handy! Rockets hwoever, have been very plentiful and there is no lack whatso ever of shotgun shells.

Somehow, I think the shotgun must be every gamers best friend, since the release of DooM. Ahh the good old days, but I at least some modern games plots have improved since the classic, hehe.