Caught Grumpy Old Men on TV, and laughed my ass off solidly ^_^. Most Rest and Relaxiation I’ve had in ages…. Also saw a film I’ve never seen before, The Prisoner of Second Aveune with Jack Lemmon and Anne Bancroft. Now that was a good movie!!! He gets fired and has a wonderful nervous breakdown, they get robbed, everything goes to heck, and he eventually learns the hardway that you can’t stand out on the terrace cussing a blue streak at the neighbores ^_^. She’s forced to take a job, and put up with his breakdown; until she finally edges on a nervous breakdown lol. The ending though is wonderful, when he realizes that the mugger he chased down and recovered his wallet from, wasn’t a mugger at all… the quarrals with the couple one floor up, and the ending — it is just priceless xD (and I’m not gonna spoil it :-P).

And The China Syndrome is starting 🙂