Hooah, reorganizing ${HOME} on Dixie is almost done… so I can spend time backing it up later, lol. (I like to do a full backup of my home directory every 6~12 months.). I shifted through most of ~/code last night, ~/Pictures a few weeks ago, and ~/Documents tonight. (~/Music and ~/Videos are just a lost cause, lol). I’ve also been tucking various (on going) projects into ~/Projects/file_or_dir, which used to be in ~/file_or_dir or ~/code/Language/{src,lib,modules,doc,makefiles}/file_or_dir. Eventually though, I’ll have to shuffle through the cruft in ~/misc but it’s almost empty now.

One nice thing, when I’ve a document or site to read that is to big for one sitting, I usually create a .lastpage or .progress file somewhere, named after the doc file or a .lnk file with a URL / notes. With this reorganization stuff, I’ve been transitioning to an index file per (appropriate) directory, lastpage.idx. Which is actually a lot more handy, since I can more readily query the information with other unix programs (cut, grep, awk, perl, et. al.). Then again, I also need to consolidate my ~/notes, ~/stuff/open-loops, and I don’t even want to think about organizing my home directory on Vectra…

Finally managed to git rid of an ever worsting beard last night, a change for the better… I was starting to look a little to much like a relic from the Civil War, only I don’t happen to own a gray coat nor a blue one either for that matter ^_^. Although most of those around me, think that I look good with a mustache and goatee, I think I look like an asshole; whether it’s a mustache, goatee, or full beard lol. Whenever I dream, I usually am beardless, maybe my minds self-image has more time to spend with a razor blade then I actually get in the real world :o. Now I just need to work a haircut into my grossly overcrowded schedule :. With the amount of time that I *actually get to myself*, I almost never take the time to shave, unless it becomes necessary, or I can’t stand looking at it every morning! Yet, I really hate it when I get to the point of walking around in a beard…

With some luck, I can get a little pleasure this weekend: catching up on my ever expanding reading list, and throw in a bit of coding on my current projects for good measure… hehe. I know what I really need, but I also know the probability involved, is on par with winning the lottery without a ticket. That is about how much rest I’m allowed around here…. even the dog [usually] gets better treatment then I in this family :.

What I really _need_, is a /long vacation/ from nearly-everything, to everything in my life right now. Leave everything behind, take a term of R&R without anyone along to badger me, and chuck the computer out the window while I’m at it (although knowing me, I’d jump after it — most of my data is in there until the next backup lol). *Sigh*, a man can dream.

Speaking of dreams, I think I would have to search my live journal to even recall when the last time I had a decent nights sleep was, lol. Hmm, think it’s a quarter to 0600R, best grab a quick gnosh and see about gettin’ some shut eye before the sun come sup. For better or worse, being up until 3,4,5,6, or even 7 o’clock in the morning is not uncommon for me, and I’ve largely been going to bed *much* later then 0200 for over a decade… but hey, at least when I’m not working, instead of rolling out of bed for the first piss of the dat, at 0915 – I can sleep in until 1130~1300 🙂

If anyone even lets me sleep…..