What a day!

Last night Willow puked on the sheet, so I had to put a load of wash on around 0245R’ish. With the look she gave me, all I could say was, “I’m not mad at you, you should know me better then that by now, but now your gonn’a have to stay out of trouble, and share the cover!”. I put the top sheet down to keep Willow from getting to the mattress, and put up with having to use the heavier cover. Usually I leave most of that for Willow, and just use the top sheet for my self lol.

Had to cut off portupgrade early (between ops of course, not during); so I need to finish that today. Woke up like 1430R. Took care of chores (late), then took the dogs out for their walk. While walking Coco, I ended up with the worst fall I’ve ever had. Dirt slid out from under my feet, and plop I went! It was like, one of those moments when it feels like time is passing in slow motion, but it’s really going a mile a minute; “Oh shit, I know how this is gonna hit”. I landed hard right above the small of my back, it felt like a crunch from hell. I couldn’t adjust to control the fall, so I had to land flat out on my back with Coco landing on my chest; I hit the dirt with a bounce and felt the wind knocked out of me. F*** man, for a second I was wondering if I was having a heart attack or screwed something up on rebound. The front of my chest, like around the base or just below the sternum was hurting, but it’s fine now. (Maybe my internals having a roller coaster ride, lol.)

Coco jumped off my chest running, so I flung myself up & around and tried to scoop her up; she ended up tangled in the harness by the time I snatched her mid run; so I untangled her on the way back inside. I knew I had to get up pretty freaking fast, because while Willow would drag me (or choke herself) if she ever tried running off in a situation like that, with the leash in my hand — but coco is so small, she can yank herself out of her harness! Came in side groaning, and plupped on the couch to get coco out of her kit. Coco was scared shitless from the unexpected drop, now she’s just pissed off at me for not taking her for the walk lol.

My thinking: “Thank you LORD, I’m still here… and in one piece”

Man, I’ve never had the wind knocked out of me like that. Although it’s one of my lifes regrets, that I never had a chacne to formally study martial arts: I have learned how to take a fall quite well. But when it’s crush the dog or take your own chances with the landing, ya don’t actually have a choice lol. So I had to take the drop hard, felt like bouncing off a wall with my backside. Didn’t hurt my head any, kept it out of the impact fine, just took a stiff drop backside first lol. Been a long time since I’ve taken a fall, and that was the first one in a long time that I haven’t been able to control the drop. Heh, last time I landed like that, I must’ve been like 3 or 4 years old lol.

Man, nothing like a hill kicking you in the back to wake you up in the afternoon!