Tried out links-hacked, nice browser but I think I like links 2.2 better.

I downloaded links-hacked, had to make a few trivial changes to the source, and punch it into the face to make it obey –disable-backtrace as intended. Startup time was a bit slower then links, but stil a quick mover. Keybinds seem to be a bit more minimalist, text fields improved visually and tabbed support is present. I couldn’t get lua support to configure though, which is a shame because I really wanted to try it out.

Overall though, I think links 2.2 is a better browser. If no unexpected “gotchas” pop up, links may soon become my default browser on Dixie. +/- a few custom modifications, hehe 😉

It also gave me an idea, I could use links bookmark manger easy enough to simulate the GOTO URL behavior I want, and always munge together a converter between my bookmarks tool and the netscape format; or just get around to writing the appropirate backend, lol. Hmm, this is interesting xD

Now if I could just get this S.O.B. to allow me to customize keybindings without hitting the sources, and some cookie handling – and it would be perfecto.