Ahh, I’m really feeling much better now. Got up and had a bowl of cereal, good to be back to a healthy snack, even if I’m still up at night lol.

Been using links a lot for web browsing latly. During the big upgrades, heavy browsers like Opera 9 and Firefox3 were a bit to bulky with how much resources the portupgrade program throws ontop of the upgrade script (compared to using FreeBSDs built in tools); I also fouled up glib/gtk at one point, so links came in handy. It renders pages fairly well (but without CSS) and even can do images inline (could use better positioning, but hey it’s a simple browser lol). It also has the virtue of low dependencies: C library, standard libraries for compression & encryption, the standard image libraries (libtiff, libjpeg, libpng), and a small subset of X11 libraries.

The worst thing I can say about links, is it lacks tabbed browsing; other wise I think I would use it everywhere I can lol. It’s rending of webpages could be better but the primary problem it has is CSS support, while Lynx renders webpages as if there was no CSS, and as if it was made for all presentation and layout moved into a stylesheet. That’s the worst thing about Lynx ^_^.

If I could get the experimental JavaScript enabled to see how stable it is, combined with the fact that Links renders web pages very well for such a browser (damn good actually). All I would have to do is patch in a few hooks to allow the stuff I want, wherever links doesn’t provide it. (Easy enough, I know C but don’t know my way around the code base).

What I really should do, is check out Links Hacked, which adds tabbed browsing (yay!) and scripting in Lua. I don’t know Lua, but I could learn it swiftly with good cause. Hmm…. xD