RvS action today

Todays RvS live op was a success, and I should be able to start work on the maps for the S4 op during the week. Spent most of the day between practicing in TG#1, did the LO, then we set it to Adversarial mode for some force on force drilling.

Rule #1, always get Nick first, haha!

I don’t care a great deal for survival / team survival mode, and I’m not terribly skilled at bomb mode; but I do love pilot mode and a full set of elements. Why, is because it makes you think rather then just kill stuff. Private Airport and Import-Export were especialyl fun maps. Nice to see though that the young troopers paid some attention to their training after all. Heh, that reminds me of a funny. We were on Team Survvial mode, off the banking house. I came ’round looking for some tangos, when I see someone laying prone with an AR in front of a n openning. Since we’re all on the same TS, I call out, “Hey whoevers laying prone …here… look behind you!”. The funny part, Hunter eventually got twitchy enough to do it, maybe felt me staring at him lol. So he stand sup toa crouch and turns around……. I squeeze off a solvo of Mac 9/11+SD into his helmet, but die leaving him gimped after Hunter opened up with his AR.

That’s when I learned, shoot them in the leg before they turn around, or just shoot them in the head 6-12 times instead of 4 xD

I also got to enjoy peaks, sniper fest and I was in the thick of it with my Walther WA-2000 magnum going head hunting. The sniper rifle is not something I use often in RvS, because I ___h_a_t_e___ having to fire 2ce to kill 1 tango at close range with a gun, designed to have a lethal knock down punch from hundreds of metres away! In the fighting on Peaks, I used 3 rounds per kill just to be sure lol. I always open fire and keep shooting the targets until they go down… and sometimes tempted to put two in the head before moving on, just to make sure we don’t get a frag rolling out after the fact.

Me and TF also went on a rampage in the Penthouse, 3vs2 and won hehe. Penthouse was always my favorite adversial map. Before I got into [SAS] stuff seriously, I spent over a year in adversarial play learning the trade. When I went back to Co-Op style, I embraced a more slow and methodical approuch until reaching the [SAS] Selection Course. These days, I know when to be slow, when the be fast, and when to shake, rattle, and roll.