A night on burning sands

Nothings up, so I setup GR and ran though a mission: first map of Desert Siege with the Sabre Teams mod active.

Equipped myself with a Diemaco SFW-SD, basically a Canadian M4 with SD, Scope, and M203. Crept through the darkness slow and steady, moving taking it as I would actually do it; instead of running headless chicken. All went well, basically made it into the enemy encampments before I was detected and they hardly knew what hit’em hehe. All the way pro, until I was creeping into a small room and saw an X-Ray unawares behind the door; tried shooting him through the seam of the hinge, but no go. So I backed out FAST, shut the door and moved around to his other flank…. open door, lean out, and plugged a M203 bomblet close to him -> lights out turkey!

Normally I wouldn’t do that, but GR utterly sucks and blows for tactical aids…. lol. Scouted out the last encampment, looked good, made ready to drop one of the sentries when my M203 fires… lol. A mistake that wouldn’t happen in real life, because you can feel the difference in triggers; but very easy in game when memory and HUD is all you’ve got to go on instead of memory and tactile senses.

Bugged out and out flanked the enemy counter attack, then moved up like a sniper in the night; nearly lost my head paying more attention to Willow barking like a nut, then moving in on for the kill.

Almost secured the entire map night creeping around, but there was this one bastardo around the building…. searched around before going up, only to realize we must’ve been playing cat and mouse for the last 8 minutes -> as the 2nd to last X-Ray shot me in the back of the head lol.

when stuck playing alone, night ops and an SD rifle help even the odds lol.