And *now* I can pass out…. lol

I was like a zombie at work yesterday, by the time I got home it was a splitting headache and felt like someone had kicked my bodies equilibrium on its side. Like working until burned out, then re-burn the burn out and keep marching :. Crashed in front of the TV and went to bed early… work wasn’t so bad today. What pissed me off is being re-tasked to reconnoiter a new grocery store on the way home -> I freaking hate shopping! I also don’t appreciate being made late…

I just got though with a training session, kind of organized chaos I guess but that’s thanks to my shitty work schedule. I conducted a deeper level of stealth training then we usually go into, and I used Ghost Recon to do it; JB, Noer, (at end) Ghost, Ambu, Carter, Decapi, Hostile, and Chester. I tried to iron it out how issues of rules of engagement, positioning, observation, reporting, and coordination of movement/fire command could be used to make the most of covert actions. After we did the training scenarios (ambushes, infil, etc), we moved on to a “shoot your instructor” scenario; where they had to sneak up behind me with MP5SD’s and go for the CQ kill. The trick was, I was on patrol with an AK and weapons free to shoot at anyone I saw trying to sneak up the hill hehe. I was a little disappointed with how long it took (I scored 2 kills, but 1 was probably a glitch) but overall very impressed with their effort (especially JBs). It was very, very pleasing to see them complete that scenario so well.

What can I say, I borrowed that one from U.S. sniper training and simplified it for our gaming environment lol.

With how long it took between setup and intermissions (note to self: be more strict), we didn’t get time for the RvS or S4 portions, considering the big attendance maybe that can do for session 2 next week; whatever. Really I should have just laid down for a nap after work but it was a good 3 or 4 days prep into the session, and one of them days where almost everyone’s there at just the right time.

Right now, I ain’t moving until the foods on the table – unless I’m snoring on my feet in the process!!!