Now if I didn’t have to be awake in ~4 and a half hours, I could get the . / source commands implemented, so handling tpsh_profile / .tpshrc files on startup could be done… and have more of the manual page written out :. Hmm, that reminds me another big thing I need to work on is the shell special variables ($0…$9…, $*, $@, $#, $?) and the rest of ${parameter expansion} syntax.

If I could get anything done during the day here, and actually sleep at night… instead of coding odd hours, now that would just be heavenly lol.

$ git log | sed 's/my name/<snip>/g' | sed 's//<>/g' | vim -

commit 4835c4091e59af282ee98952568f0e9ac91c8d09
Author: Terry <snip> <>
Date: Sat Mar 21 09:27:41 2009 +0000

do_getop() made generic, `set [options]` now works.

The do_getopt() function now takes an array ref and hash to pass onto
Getopt::Long::GetOptionsFromArray, and twists it in place.

set_bin() now calls do_getopt() with it’s argument vector and a global
hash; startup code now calls do_getopt() with @ARGV and that same hash.
Because of that, `set -x`, `set -o xtrace`, and such work but `set +o
xtrace` and such can’t be used to turn the option off yet lol. (+o atm
is just an alias for -o.)

commit 90bf68e8b5f0aed867ae4a9fd2eca2c8d99dc1fd
Author: Terry <snip> <>
Date: Sat Mar 21 08:16:39 2009 +0000

tpsh -o longname now works

further more as an extension, ‘-o logname1,longname2’ also works but is
not documented yet.

commit dcffa41bb57d70c82f502b08ea8c76ebeb559b1c
Author: Terry <snip> <>
Date: Sat Mar 21 07:49:28 2009 +0000

which built-in command added and documents

see Built-in Commands and CEVEATS & BUGS in tpsh.1.pod for details.

It is really time to make do_getopt() a generic wrapper around
Getopt::Long, the current functionality in do_getopt() needs to be moved
into set_bin() anyway…