Thanks Wiz… lol

After a few other commits, I’ve finally buckled down and made do_getopt() a simple helper, previously it did parsing for @ARGV via the Getopt::Long module, and twiddle %Options accordingly; now it takes an array ref and a hash to do the job. The wonderful thing? Now both tpsh [options] and the built in `set [options]` command work with half a line of duplicated code 🙂

In prepping my code for commit, I wanted to take one last look at do_getopt(), so I went for a quick jump over with the vi/vim :tag command. Wiz IM’d me, so he ended up getting the :ta command instead of vim haha! After alt+tabbing back to the editor, I tried something different just for the heck of it, :ta do_ and guess what!? Vims ex mode completion works on tags as well…. this is so going to spoil me lol. ex/vi lacked command completion, history, and editing; but vim added them. One of these days, I need a refresher on the improved tag commands, my muscle memory is pretty vi compatible until we get into tab completion, :split windows, and multiple tabs lol.

So thanks to Wiz, I’ve just found a lovely Vi IMproved feature that I never dreamed existed xD