It’s been a pretty good day so far. Got stuck getting up early for a shopping trip, but hey at least I got some doughnuts out of the deal lol. Oy, I’m going to end up doing press ups more often 8=). Two bags of powdered doughntus my absolute favorite xD.

Ducked into Proving Grounds #1, and joined Spawn, Ez, Hostile, and a few pubs for some games. Man, it’s been insane today in the servers. Those I don’t give a crap if I hit anything, it’s time to empty the magazine kind of moments – like a bad zombie flick, swarms of tangos out for blood. After a bit of a break to work on tpsh, I ended up in Proving Grounds #3 with Duke and a couple others joined: but still groups 3-5 tangos haunting the halls. Well actually that’s not to bad, in RvS it was more like 4-7 tangos at a time… hehe. One odd thing, this time out in SWAT 4, I got stuck in the heavy plates. Normally I hate body armour that restricts movement, especially in games like SWAT where heavy armour slows you down, and doesn’t stop a patato gun, let along bullets. I think the suspects must’ve gotten scared — last man standing, and feeling like a land battleship, but surviving without injury ;-).

tpsh gained the sh derived `tpsh -c “commands”` behaviour today. Command completion and history features have evolved quite nicely. Really what needs working on is the shells lexical analysis. I figure for setting it up as my login shell, I’ll compile a small C program that sets up PERL_RL to load a suitable Term::ReadLine backend before exec’ing tpsh.

All in all, not a bad day; but not very furfilling either :-/