Man, I had a strange dream

It was like a cross between Metal Gear Solid and a bad action flick; last man standing of a recon team, trying to exfiltrate the mission area with news of a renegade officer (Gene Hackman) building a mechanical army…

I remember creeping though jungle, feeling the plant life on me; and very paranoid of trip wires and punji’fied traps (I hate punji sticks!); ended up rolling into a body of water in order to bypass a patrol. Only to sink like a stone when I realized I never finished learning to swim! Having realized I was dreaming quite awhile ago, I decided “this ain’t no dream about drownin'” and thought back to Tomb Raider and pushed off. Breaking the surface for air got the enemies attention.

Compromised greatly, made it into a building connected to a hanger like one: 1 vs 20 odds, but sufficiently close quarters that survival was possible: CQB tactics, solid use of cover, MK23 in hand, and Fragmentation grenades evening the odds ^_^. Blew the ever loving crap out of the place and ended up cappin’ a number of techs, hopefully before they could call in reinforcements via the computers… (also destroyed for good measure)

Gathered some supplies and climbed up to the exposed upper level, maybe find a way ontop to get my barrings: but no such luck. A tank rolled (or hovered?) into the hanger area and started deploying robot troops. Leapt off the overhang onto an L-shaped cage like door on the opposing side, cut the rope and rode it down with a crash — then made like a gust of wind, beading it out of there before the robots could catch up lol.

Forded a river and scurried up hill, looking for concealment — plan, wait for the enemy to pass by on a wild goose chase, an d make up the rest from there. Found a weapons cache stashed near by, that would even the odds quiet a bit, but something interesting was also there, a hatch leading down a short climb into a bunker of some sort.

That’s when all hell officially broke loose, security systems came online: gun equipped cameras with laser sights popping out of the sealing, robots coming on line armed to the teeth, and even worse… turning invisible! Got out of there quickly, just ahead of a grenade launched my way lol. Ran faster then I’ve IRL done in many a year, like a mad spider, following the rivers path: now being pursued by droid-patrol boats and shock troops moving for a better shot; the boats were also fitted with cloaking devices :-(. Comendeered a fishing boat in the name of “national security” and went about sinking those things… imagine an aerial dog fight, but in 2D and below 30knots lol.

I really have some crazy ass dreams, but the only time I worry is when I have a ‘sane’ dream instead of an adventure or nightmare like one +S.