Ahh finally….

Got home from the vet a little bit ago, and off work an hour before that lol. Had to take Coco for her checkup, and bring Willow along for the ride so she wouldn’t destroy the house in jealousy! As soon as she found out we were going to the Victor Echo Tangos, her mind changed xD.

Coco’s doing good for an 11 year old, down to 5 lbs / 11 oz (~2.6kg). Maybe I should stop teezing her about being a fat belly with chicken legs? Haha! Now the two tweedle-heads are snoozing the day way.

I’m just glad to have my *corner* of the bed, lol.

It’s finally Fryday, get a little time off… been working almost the entire week straight, and same thing next week. I haven’t gotten much of anything done lately, just to fricken tired. These days, the stuff going on around the computer is about the only positive part of my life left…