Sometimes I hate dreams

I dreamt that we were hold up in a house, there was about 4 XL-sized automatics on a table with a bushel of magazines, and a head on the wall…

Like anyone stuck in an RE like nightmare, take two, load up, and try and secure a parameter; bad idea. After a bit of a zombie filled encounter, it’s down to the last room… Stick my head in, looks clear; but 4 corner hole problem: move in and risk getting ambushed from 1-3 sides. Handed my brother one of the autos and told him to cover the remaining sectors. Spider sense tingling, but area secured without ambush… good. On the way back to the front of the building, we were ambushed by a strange ‘fusion’ of a Model 101, T-1001, and a Vampire like Zombie; put the thing down with a few mags of ammo. Then a 2nd one showed up, having expanded everything on the first, it was necessary to retreat and take the other set of automatics; ejecting the mags, dropping them on the table, “Slap in a fresh mag, and pull the slide back”, taking the other automatics and moving to head off the mutated terminator…. several retreats for reload and shouting “LOAD”, and no help what so ever lol.

Somehow this reminds me of a strange dream some years ago, about Aliens taking over a school; and ending up in a knife fight with an Alien Queen trying to break down the door; no help from anyone lol.

Somehow I wonder, if ever up a creek without a paddle, would anyone lift a darn finger to help?