I’ve fallen asleep 3 times, and I’ve had 3 crazy dreams.

The first, we were baby sitting in a very large house and the “worst storms in 20 years” are in bound. For some utterly stupid reason, we were retreating to the upstairs… when one I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look behind and see another baby levitating behind me! At that point, I was starting to wonder “Oy, not one of these crazy dreams” lol. Some time later when the storms were very bad, I found myself on my knees praying and suddenly the storms stopped. Looking outside, I heard someone below being sentenced by a judge (and losing), and thought of Homer J. Simpson (Having watched The Devil and Daniel Webster a few days ago is perhaps why lol). Later I was doing somethings outside, probably in preparation for leaving; when I heard a voice come to me in the wind, can’t remember the exact words but it made me worry for some reason, it also mentioned that I would be meeting something with this silly name, sounded kind of like a twix bar. I remember thinking, voice of GOD or someone else…? Or am I just cracking up! Sure enough, I ran into a stray dog with the exact 3 words of the name on his collar. The last bit, I guess can be owed to having read Job a few days ago, before bed. The rest of the dream was fairly placid.

The second dream was more of a private nature, and somewhat different because I knew it was a dream and could control aspects of it. You could say, I made use of the situation in ways I would never do, having know it was a dream and nothing more.

The third, I had talked about the dream, and my family was shopping at a shopping mall, and me and my brother were arguing vehemently about the dream. I eventually one the argument, having thought of something about his past that would “close” the argument at the cost of hurting him, but passed up the avuneue of counter attack for one that settled for a non-painful stalemate. On the way out, it was discovered the I had left Ma’s bag in the store, so I went back and got it. Not surprisingly security had to check me out, they bagged it. Then an officer stopped me, “Yeah, I figured you would have to check it out before they let me take it”, he checked it and tossed it for someone to carry off, then went to leave. And I called back for him to wait a minute – S.O.B. even tried to pull the gum out of my mouth lol, when I asked for a receipt or something to go claim it later.

It was about this point when I was woken up.

Really, that is the most dreaming that I’ve had in a while now :-/