Waking up to bullcrap

Not even taking the time to boot into X, writing this from a vtty for later posting; gotta start getting dressed for work in about 5 minute.

This morning, I was informed that H.R.P. and Prince Asshole (haha) are no longer talking, when told that if my brother wanted to talk to her, that I would have to be the relay…. I told ma *NO*, “I’ve had enough years of doing that, to last me a life time”. I can still remember the years, I spent relaying their messages over the phone; that’s part of while I’ve shunned phones for most communication purposes (the others being lack of privacy here, and that IMs lend itself better to abusing multi-tasking then phone conversations).

It seems they are moving nearly a decade back, as opposed to taking a foreword direction of travel… and doing it gladly on both sides! This time around: my neutrality will be suitably respected during their waring &mdash or to borrow H.R.P.s speech pattern, I’ll ‘excommunicate’ them from the family!

I’ve had enough of this horse shit to last several dozen life times.

/* their ‘alternative’ forms of address are chosen in order to avoid proper names, and still be as “polite” as possible */