It’s been a very long day

I was up to around 07:00Q, miserable when you’ve got to be up by 10:00Q :-/ Every night, it’s getting worse… having trouble thinking clearly at night lately in so far as coding goes. Always tossing and turning with thoughts between my ears that have to wait, driving me nuts! To bad life is not like a cartoon, where you can just whack yourself in the head with something big and heavy, and take a nice nap xD.

Work today was probably best described, as “Dead’er then the horse I rode in on”. With how much the toe was trobbing, instead of pacing during my busy…wait portion of things, I sat down… bad idea. Nearly ended up snoring, and when it was time to get up, my foot was so numbed (and sound asleep lol) that I nearly fell flat on my face… getting down 4 flights of stairs was not fun.

I was actually kind of happy though, it was raining. Plus it started getting worse when I had to be outside lollololol. I am kind of a strange person, I like being out in the rain for the most part: everyone I know, just loath’s it. Eventually it got bad enough that I conceeded to using an umbrella, instead of walking around in a T-shirt: horizontal wind and rain is a good time for an umbrella. Really, if I had the proper kit and footware for it, I wouldn’t mind walking in the rain, yeah… mad as a hatter.

Managed to get home and *eventually* tend to my foot. Ma’s shouting at Coco, reminds me of why I don’t take things out on other people… (I prefer to avoid such things, unless its in regard to someone directly causing the problems lol.) To top it all off, Willow ran over my bad toe, going about 15-20mph, sigh.

Today’s work on the servers, also makes me seriously thing that Windows NT is ridicules in a network centric capacity…