Step on my toe, and I’ll scream…

Got to bed fairly early, it was only 04:30Q when I logged off; not sure when I fell asleep but at least the sun wasn’t up yet.

Got up for work, and was annoyed that my shoes hadn’t dried out yet! My old “Utilishoes” are to tight period, let along for working in; and my mains have a very short outsole, so the inside got pretty drenched yesterday at work lol. Tried cramming my foot into the shoe with socks on, that went over like hitting a lead wall… So no real choice except to put up wit hit. Yeah, battered foot and wet shoe, not a good mix.

Really what I would like is a good pair of jungle boots. There are three things every soldier deserves for equipment: a good pair boots, a decent weapon, and canteens that don’t leak on the quick march. What better way for a civilian to find a decent set of boots? One reason why jungle boots interest me, by definition they more or less need a good balance between the heat and the soak lol. With so much need for desert boots over seas now’re days, who knows, maybe surplus stores might even be in surplus of jungles… haha. They certainly can’t be any worse then the kinds of shoes I’ve had to deal with over the past 20 years :-/