Probing the lost

Tonight after, umm never mind that. I sat down and started cracking into some math books. One advantage of being the youngest son, I have inherited all of my brothers old high school books. Quite some time ago, I decided that if I was ever going to find my way into making heads or tails of mathematics, I would have to start at the “beginning” so to speak, walking forward from there. Starting the frame is Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

Since my education in mathematics is, should we say for the sake of brevity, almost worthless: I have always found it more difficult to understand then computer programs or computer science. The further I look though, the more and more I am starting to see thw twistedly interesting connections between math and computer science, and software engineering.

So far, I have come to one rather rapid conclusion. If by the 3rd or 4th grade, I had actually been progressively exposed to high school level maths, rather then the same ol’shit: maybe I would not have spent the last decade of my life — being so unbelievably fukin’ bored shitlessly stiff with school work!

Not to mention, that I might not be paying though the time-clock of life* in order to catch up on the fun, if I had been….

Comparing the texts to programming languages abilities to express like wise, I am also starting to understand why the space cadet keyboard was invented, and wish there was a programming language that so-applied it in order to a new level of terseness. In some funky way, how things is expressed in these books reminds me of a lot of Perl: learn enough of the notation and you can make heads or tails out of almost anything, and then try and figure out if you understood it or not xD. (Although arguably Perl has a 1up in that department, in that 5.8.9 came with >170,000 p-lines of documentation describing the language, etc.)

Once my curiosity is piqued: things start to click into place… and I have never been a geek that does things by halves (^_^)/

* that is, I believe time ≅ life: much the same as the old saying goes, “Time is Monkey”, to me “Time is life” !