Dreams, exercise, math, and spiders

Oy! What a night.

I didn’t even wake up to turn off the alarm clock this morning, I was dead to the world…. crazy dreams. Ironically though: I was thinking, “Oh crap, I’m oversleeping!” and then woke up xD. Did some stretching and light exercises, felt good. The only down side is most of it has to be completable with a 13 pound chihuahua sitting on my chest (^_^)/ but other wise things went fairly well. Because of my toe I excluded push ups and anything else that might put to much strain on it. The only problem I had was reverse lunges, couldn’t get the balance right on that side lol.

Curiously, I’ve learned that their is a dojo teaching karate and aikido, located down town. That might be worth looking into in a few years; both are martial arts I would love to learn some day. In the mean time I’m mainly interested in “getting back into shape” so to speak. The last 3 years have only had working beyond exhaustion for PT, so yeah it’s time to make a run for it! My upper body strength is no worse and actually those muscles are might be the only things that has gotten enough exercise :-/. My focus right now is lower body muscles and legs – I also long to include running. I’ve also begun incorporating combative elements: it’s been so long that I’ve forgetting many things. Most of the guards and footwork has drifted off into mental history, but hey… my last fight was at 16~17 or so, and I avoid unnecessary engagements lol.

Got a couple games of SWAT 4 and had a short chat, but otherwise it was a pretty uneventful day. I also started working through the maths books after dinner, when I went to bed I figured that I would restart. Guess what? I’m standing there in front of the dresser with the book & book light — and something black comes running out from it! The Spider drops the the deck and begins movcing, I whacked it down flat with the book light and put my water bottle on top, so I could get a paper towel (squish!) and bug catcher. Pulled the book light off and of course, it “popped” itself back up and tried to scurry away; nabbed it with a crunch with the paper towel. When I laxed my grip to see if it was dead, the bastardo dropped back to the ground and ran. Lost track of it as it was going up the side of the dresser, close to the drawer sides. After much looking and drawer slamming and inspecting, and no luck finding it: I decided to pull the empty drawers out and look around on the inside of the dresser. I found a black mark on the same side and draw-height I had last seen it… took a look and it looked vaguely arachnid like. Fetched a nutpick (~5 inch metal rode /w awl) to use as a probe, confirmed… dead or the best possum of a bug I’ve seen in 2 decades. Pushed it out onto the paper towel for an inspection. No real telling how old the corpse was but it is certainly the same kind of spider. To me it looked more like the abdomen had been smashed then punctured – and it was fairly empty. Cutting it apart with the nutpick, I found it slightly gooy inside and what passes for leg muscle still “working” when flexed. So I doubt if it was sucked dry by another spider, but still didn’t rule out the possibility of cannibalism. In inspecting the side of the dresser inside, I noticed no signs of guts beyond a leg that fell off. Checking the side of the drawer, I noticed a black mark (as if part of the spiders skin) and further away in a fairly suitable spot, what looked like something had been “mushed” onto it… so I assume the poor S.O.B. got mashed by the drawer whilst trying to escape.

Why am I starting to think of Star Trek 6?