What I would do if I had steady pay with limited expense…

Organizational concept (untried, would be wonderful to test some day and expand in the future)

Divide pay into

good deeds | petrol | operations | savings


about 10% where viable to a “good deed” fund: cash to be used for positive and unselfish aims, as well as a margin :-/. You could say, my concept of a tithe when such is able to fit into the bottom line.

At least $20 off a weeks wage for fuel, so Her Royal Pain wouldn’t have to foot the entire bill.

and crack apart the remainder into operations and savings: where operations represents available funds for the current cycle and savings gets saved, for what it’s worth lol. And hopefully if there’s anything left from operations at the end of cycle, dump it into savings or petrol.

Without any bills atm, getting steady pay would allow me to *_S_A_V_E_* some money for a change. The hard part of course would be keeping as much of the details in secrecy, otherwise if my family ever found out viable data, they would F’ing bleed me dry in no time… statistically proven.

The concept that interests me most is a working at a gas station: simple work and light enough that I won’t be dead as a door nail between it *and* having to suffer through current the working schedule, or should I say any deader then I already am in that regard lol. I would probably give H.R.P. $10 off each pay cycle for gas/use of the car, since if everything goes according to plan: it won’t cost H.R.P. anything for it, that she won’t already have to put up with in motherly fashion; plus it would (theoretically) enable me to cover my own fuel costs! Simply put, if she’s not entailing any large expense on my behalf… fuck her. Ma can put up with her own boat and let me take advantage of the situation — since I can do it less painfully then the way she has taken advantage of my existence on this damn planet! Don’t get me wrong, whenever I’ve had money I have almost always used it wisely: and often generously. But I am not a bank, and I am tired of paying for other peoples life decisions, at the expense of having MY LIFE sucked out into the vacuum of space…. I might not be able to fix that problem, but I sure don’t have to part with anything green as an reward for hurting my life either.

With some luck, I might someday be able to afford a car and then find a way to get out of this hell hole, for once and for all.