*sigh* after smashing my toe into a step on Saturday (The joys of working on your day off!), I think the nail dug into the side of the toe… which was almost properly healed: now everything is even more fuxor then it was previously! Just finished soaking it, this is beginning to piss me off, the only good thing I can say is that I ain’t lost the nail _yet_.

It’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t energetic enough for exercising this afternoon. I can’t really do anything that needs to put pressure on my larboard big toe, which rules out a lot without walking in sandals lol,

Spent most of the day in SWAT 4 playing with COT, Walker, Cara, and a few others. As long as I am on the EU proving grounds, I don’t seem to get to much bad lags in SWAT, kind of ironic when you consider that I am an American (^_^)/. I very much try to keep myself current in all fields of SAS gameplay, among others hehe. The onyl time I’ve saw fit to lax that, is during my tenor as SSM, in which I took care of RvS as my fellow SSM Rasa oversaw SWAT4, all the while with RSM Rouge being our direct superior. When I became RSM, the only thing I welcomed with the position was being able to return to equal-attention between both games.

I’ve always preferred SWAT 4 since SWAT 3 became historical interest, yet “back in the day”, it was more economical on time for me to complete the selection course though RvS, SWAT 4s had not even been developed yet lol. I think SSM Noer was our second recruit through SWAT, and the first of many Mighty Troopers.

I also have a habbit of being where ever the best recruitable material can be found ;).