Strange dreams…. I was dreaming that we were attending church services; we haven’t been there in years :'(. While I’m generally not superstistous but I think in my family that may be taken as a bad omen, don’t know. I’ve never really placed much on the interpretation of dreams nor any meaning on them for 99.99999% of the dreams I’ve had in my life; can’t say the same about the rest of my family lol.

When I woke up I said a prayer (my most often used) and rolled back over to get a little more sleep. Then I had a dream that really surprised me: I was dreaming of coming home and there was my father, making himself a sandwich or something. In over 20 years, I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve ever dreamed of him. Growing up, I always wanted to dream about meeting my father… since I was very small when he died. We spent some time together and there was something going on, because more and more family (equally both dead and living lol) started showing up in good cloths, towards the end Ma finally got home.

After that my dreams turned to more private nature then I’ll post here, I’ll just describe it as more stressful but less strange, including me making a verbal reference to a place I’ve often dreamed of traveling through. Kind of strange actually since certain places, events, scenarios, etc. I often will dream about repeatedly over the years but rarely are they ever the same thing twice.

To me dreams are more so something interesting and occasionally better then TV :-/. What most people would call nightmares I call a sense of adventure missing from life. The only time my dreams have ever worried me is whenever I have a *serious* dream, rather then something absurd…