What dreams came

Around 09:39 or so, I was woken up because the car cover came off the car, and had to be put on. When that was done, I just went back to bed… oy what a set of dreams!

I dreamt that it was raining cats and dogs and Ma went out the door to check the car cover; Willow almost ran out the door before I could catch her. In real life, Willow always runs and sits near the door, as ma says, “She knows where her bread is buttered”, but of course I’m paranoid about peoples safety lol. Then to make it worse after I caught her and ma came back in, I explained and turned around…. and see the parakeet Mikey sitting on my table, and creep over to scope him up before he can fly away—and end up dog food.

Then I woke up and fell back asleep a little while later. It was raining cats and dogs and I explained what I had just dreamt. Then it hit the fan, the bird got out and I managed to catch him before the dog. When I tried to put him back in the cage, so I could fix his enclosure… I found that the cage had come apart! It had just began to unravel and decompose without reason, which is a big problem. So here I am standing with the bird in my hands, rapidly losing weight and feathers—in real life Mike is a fat and pampered parakeet lol. As often seems to be the case in my dreams, my family ends up just being totally freaking worthless whenever I need help :-/.

It’s only when I dream of something normal, and not purely fantasy, that I generally get concerned….