Ahh, sitting here with my foot in a pale of water & Epsom salt, laptop for the music and the dog for company lol. Fools Gold also just started, so I’m set for the next couple of hours. I love this movie, you can’t beat a good sense of humour xD. Fools Gold also reminds me how difficult it can be to get someone out of your life…

Just got out of RvS, figured it would be best to soak my foot now so I do get some sleep tonight. On the upside though, I don’t have to get up early tomorrow, unlike the rest of the week! Down side obviously being that I’ll be workin’ later hours tomorrow :'(. Today’s job was a headstart on Thursdays work load, all the heavy crap is starting to come out of the wood-works, sigh.

Continuing my hunt  over the eye glasses issue. H.R.P. has taken out a loan to deal with the cost, and it was the toe issue that pushed things over the edge lol. Ok, so many I should be thankful… if this thing ever heals correctly that is. Most people would use the phonebook, me? I use something called the Internet for my initial scouting ;). As usual I started with the cities website (more useful then most folk here would ever dream) an dhave since moved onto Google Maps. The best eye doctor I know of is quite a distance away, so local research is required. Seems that there are at least 4 optometry practices here, at least 2 of which look suitable. Interestingly, it seems that one of optometrist also comes from Ft. Lauderdale—as do I lol.

Ahh, I love the internet, who needs to dig out a copy of the yellow pages anymore?