So far work on the game proceeds well in spare moments, and quiet fun to tinker with. Recent activities have been focused around adjusting the input manager to handle both buffered and unbuffered input; PlayerEntity may also become a singleton class in time (I am not fond of singletons, but I reckon OGRE shows that they can be useful if built properly).

Most changes that are most pressing at the moment, is refining the command structure and state management. When I first setup the build with OGRE, I made sure the OIS and CEGUI libraries were present. When I’ve time to get crazy side of things working, I want to adjust the prototype to load into a main menu structure. That’ll give me good incentive to put SettingsParser to greater use, and most importantly write the code to allow it to flush things back out to the users configuration file, haha!

It would also be nice to start setting up the weapons related code, an aiming cursor, and map loading. One of the reasons I chose OGRE, other then saving the waste of writing a 2-bit render ontop of Direct3D/OpenGL—it comes with a BSP based scene manager. When it comes to game engines, I’m most familiar with modernized Doom, Quake III, and Unreal Engine 2 systems. After so many years of Raven Shield, should we say that a BSP-based map sounds like an interesting shot. We’ll see where that heads in the future.