Ah, tonight hasn’t been to bad; there’s actually been some good stuff on TV, including one of my favourite movies—The Freshman. While it is far from a blockbuster, there’s just something so cool about their scheme xD. I almost *never* get to enjoy time off, and work begins again tomorrow… so yeah, I think I can take one night to TV for a change.

I’d start coding but I know if I do, it will be closer to 0400 local by the time I go to bed, and tomorrow is likely to drive me nutty enough as is!

One thing has me concerned, earily today when i took the dogs out for a walk, I had the desktop up; by the time we got back, the P.O.S. made a crash landing. For me, the box was pretty much at “idle”, just a music stream and a few IM programs running. I’m beginning to worry about the hardware integrity of the machine as well as the possibilities the drivers are just a pile of steaming shit lol. It’s like, OpenBSD box… runs until the power goes out; FreeBSD laptop… runs practically until I forget she’s on battery for a change >_>. Compare to the Windows box, which probably has more freaking BSODs then any box I have ever owned. Maybe if I had been able to go the custom route, it wouldn’t be such a pain… blasted pre-build has been a torn in my side almost since day 0.

With most of my current coding revolving around C++, and needing something more powerful then my laptops Sempron, I’ve been doing a lot with the desktop lately; it has my only serious prerequisite for coding — a decent build of Vi IMproved installed. MSVC is also a decent enough C++ compiler, as is g++ from the GNU Compiler Collection. So I reckon with all of the time spent compiling code, the hardware is under twice as much stress as normal. Not that it should make much difference, since Dixie has survived much worse and usually constant stress without so much as a burp lol.

Hardware failure has always been my one worry, since it’s more costly then data; good thing I back things up hehe.