Ah it’s been a fairly full day! I was having some crazy dreams, including many forms of transport but it was the end that really got me lol. At one point, I dreamed that I was on a ship sailing into a fierce storm, and being reassured by a Gary Oldman like figure that in his ‘experience, the ship never goes down until after the storm’. Speaking of that, reminds me – I missed the Fifth Element the other night, a movie I’ve sooo wanted to see lately lol. But anyway, something happened in the dream, and I ended up catching a rope between my teeth and ripping it apart. The end result was loosing about 4 teeth in the process, and being my unnaturally-calm self when things hit the fan :/.

I was very happy to wake up and be able to feel my teeth were still attached! The way I dream, whatever happens: I can feel it… very, very real, as if it was actually happening. I’ve also lost several of my adult teeth to the “Folly of youth” so to speak, so I know all to well what it feels like. That being said, even when I do dream, even if it’s something I’ve never experienced, it usually feels the same as actually experiencing it does lol,

Todays work load wasn’t to bad, not as tiering as I anticipated. I aslo managed to spend some time with friends on the SWAT 4 server ;). On the down side, as lead admin on deck, I had to deal with the troublemakers a lot. Only my strict-demeanor I think, is what allowed most to survive without a ban! The one that came closet, was fortunate enough to shuffle off before I could ban his sorry ass; since we’ve kicked the idiot about 3 times in two days, he’s not going to get any further warning! But on the upside, once the troublemakers were dealt with I got to kick back and relax, or as I told one teammate: “now that I can stop being a puckered ass of an admin”. Once it the server was under control, I was loose and flying in good form >_>

Also, whatever path current business affairs take, I have an interesting idea that might be worth exploring in the near future.